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HSYM-1212H type production line

HSYM-1212H type production line is composed of 2 straight line double round edging machines and one Automatic transfer table,which can process 4 edges of flat glass. conveyor system adopt the inverter stepless reducer,ensure its stability.The exit size can be connected with washing machine and automatic unloading table,thus labor cost and efficiency can be maximum optimized.


1.machine size: (9600*3200*1650)MM

2.processing range:

◆  Max grinding: 3 MM

◆  glass thickness : 4~25 MM

◆ glass size :Minimum(100×300)MM

                   Maximum: (1200×1200)MM

3.grind speed:(800~15000)M/MIN

4.Power: 47 KWS

5.weight: 6500 KG

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